KOBELCO COMPRESSORS CORPORATION (KCC), a member of Kobe Steel Group, has carried out air-compressor sales and services in Japan for 24 years, beginning July 1, 1997. At this time, the overseas operations of air compressors, sales and services of heat pumps, refrigeration compressors, and the development and manufacturing divisions, have been reconsolidated into KCC and will be split from Kobe Steel ltd. This restructuring marks a new beginning for our company as a manufacturer of standard compressors. 

Our company has always strived to provide unique products and services in order to meet customer demands and requests. With the sincerest attitude, we have paid close attention to our customers' needs regarding various issues and have been committed to developing technical and socially conscientious solutions. We feel this directly reflects the mission and role of the Kobe Steel Group.


We will prioritize our contribution to customer energy savings across countless industries by providing our world class air compressor products and after-sales services. Moving forward we will expand this commitment to the refrigeration and heat-supply machinery, such as heat pumps and energy equipment, which will be offered with greater efficiency and reliability.

KCC has recently announced a basic capital agreement and business alliance with MIURA CO., LTD. This collaboration with Miura's sales and service infrastructure, enables a wider range of service to realize further efficient energy solution in order that we become more aligned and aware of our customer's needs than what was possible before.

Through the business integration and new partnership with Miura, KCC will meet customer requirements through all phases of operations, beginning from the product development stage to after-sales services. This partnership will enable us the opportunity to create higher value on all aspects of our work. Especially, by supplying utility equipment and services, we will contribute to a green society with reductions of CO2 emission.
The recent social environment, especially regarding COVID-19, requires us to make rapid changes to the industrial infrastructure as well as our human lifestyle habits. Furthermore, action towards achieving carbon neutrality in response to climate change is not only required, but it has become a corporate responsibility. For the realization of a sustainable society, KCC will be engaged in the resolution of ESG-related social problems and achievement of SDGs goals. Through our wide range of energy-saving products and solutions, we believe KCC can make a great contribution to customer issues and help provide a bright future to the world. 

July 2021
Hiroki Iwamoto
President, CEO and Representative Director