KCC Way ~Heart to Heart~

KCC : Kobelco Compressors Corporation


1. We visit the actual place, lend a sympathetic ear and get close to the customers’ Heart.

We honestly grasp what happens at the actual place and what is the fact.
And we give top priority to our customers and solve their issues sincerely and immediately with our customers.


2. We become one team through communication and provide the service to the customers with passion & commitment.

We always have feelings of appreciation, put everyone before oneself, recognize each role and mutually energize.
And we don’t compromise on the current situation, always stay positive and accomplish all the way to the end.


3. We aim to become a company that all employee, their families and business partners take pride and ensure well-being.

To become a company that All employee, their families, suppliers and business partners recognize each other as the best partners, mutually energize, and take pride in being KOBELCO team and enjoy well-being.