Keep your Compressor running like new with preventative and Timely maintenance

A well-maintained Kobelco compressor in combination with a KCIN Service support system provides the highest efficiency throughout the life of the system, potentially extending the life of  Air compressor, and protects this important investment. It’s an essential part of keeping your Air compressor running like the day you bought it. 

Routine inspections Contract help Kobelco compressor to protect untimely services and avoid breakdown and Compressors only need 4 hours shutdown for Service. Which means you don’t have to lose a whole day or shut the whole plant down.

Our Kobelco compressors maintenance program ensures that you’ll save down time while saving energy costs. 

Maintenance Program 

1. Regular AMC contracts 
2. CMC contracts 
3. Stock Management Schemes
4. Extended Warranty 

Contract program Help you to enjoy Trouble free life -A dedicated Service support Team help you to save time and money with Kobelco compressors service contracts.