ED series - Rotary drum desiccant dryer
ED series - Rotary drum desiccant dryer

ED series is a desiccant type compressed dryer achieving low dew point without consuming power or compressed air for regeneration of desiccant.



Why ED dryer?

High efficiency

  • No requirement of external power for regeneration because hot air from compressor is used for regeneration of desiccant. Only 15-40W for rotary system needed.
  • No purge air loss* unlike heatless desiccant type.

* Max 0.3% for water drain

Low dew point

  • Lower dew point compared to refrigeration type.
  • No worry for condensate in winter time.

Eco friendly

  • No Freon required unlike refrigeration type.
ED series-Rotary drum desiccant dryer

System Flow (compressor-ED series)

System Flow (compressor-ED Series)

Dew point characteristics

Dew point characteristics


Applicable modele

ED dryer Applicable compressor
ED160W ALE120 to 160
ED250W ALE 200 to 250
ED370W ALE 275 to 400

*Selection based on discharge pressure of 0.69MPa.