Service network


We believe that the quality of products is paramount to the stable operation of compressors, which are considered the lifeline of customer manufacturing plants, but building a strong service organization is essential.
Kobelco compressors offer a strong service network to support stable operation of compressors at our customer sites.


Technical Training Center (CS Center)

The Technical Training Center at Harima Plant in Japan offers training and qualification tests for both domestic and overseas service staff about 190 days a year.
We are working to improve our technical abilities and capability to offer responsive actions for servicing a wide spectrum of matters, and not just with our own service staff but also for members of authorized distributors, which are designated through our partnership agreements.
Service provided by Kobelco is guaranteed to be the same anywhere, whether in Japan or elsewhere around the world, assured by the technical level qualification program.


Parts Central

Supply centers dedicated to providing parts for after sales service (Service Parts Central) are established at Harima Plant in Japan and Shanghai Plant.
Approximately 200,000 pieces of parts are stocked according to forecast of demands, to offer flawless after sales service for our customers, with a framework organized to offer stable supply and rapid dispatch of required parts to domestic and overseas locations.


IoT Cloud Service “Kobelink"

Kobelink is a remote monitoring system that utilizes cloud servers to provide real-time display of operating conditions of compressors. In the event a problem arises, an email message is sent off automatically and a verification of the operating status is initialized and support is provided for rapid restoration. Stable operation of compressors is supported and contribution is made to improve productivity at manufacturing sites.