01_14_空冷機 37kw INV_海外VS_正面左側
01_15_空冷機 37kw INV_海外VS_正面右側
01_14_空冷機 37kw INV_海外VS_正面左側
01_15_空冷機 37kw INV_海外VS_正面右側

Ultimate Efficient Inverter Model.

Summit of high-tech for extreme efficiency. Premium energy saver with industrial top notch Air-End, super premium efficiency (IE4 equiv) IPM motor, built-in overhung design. Much wider range, much better usability.


Development Story


Motor output : 22 - 75kW
Discharge air flow : 3.8 - 15.1m3/min

Ultimate specific power consumption

Thanks to newly developed Air-End from its rotor profile, super premium efficiency IPM motor and optimised package design, KOBELION VS achieved best in class specific power consumption.

Ulitimate specific power consumption


High efficiency

Motor rotor is directly mounted on the rotor shaft. No coupling, no belt and no gear design realize zero transmission loss.

Easy maintenance

With built in overhung design, adjusting and replacing of v-belt is no longer necessary. It is not even required to change or re-grease motor bearings.


Super Premium Efficiency IPM Motor (IE4 equiv)

New KOBELION VS series equips super premium efficiency IPM (interior permanent magnet) motor, which efficiency is equivalent to IE4 of IEC standard. IPM has better efficiency from low load to high load compare to induction motor. This IPM is with oil cooled jacket cooling system with insulation class H, which has better resistance to high ambient conditions.

New Wide Range Control

Wide Range Control of KOBELION VS can deliver much higher flow when it runs at lower pressure point. KOBELION VS senses line pressure and automatically change maximum rpm limit. New KOBELION VS achieves much higher flow and much wider pressure range. As a leading company of Inverter compressor, we can offer cutting-edge value.

New Wide Range Control

Up to 50℃ ambience

Designed with enough margin against temperature, continuous duty up to 45℃, can be operated up to 50℃.

Full color touch monitor

Newly developed "NGSC-430/700" is sophisticated LCD interface which enables you to figure out necessary information at a glance.

Full color touch monitor


VS series  (Inverter model / Air cooled) 

Model Discharge pressure Discharge air flow Nominal output Pipe connection Fan motor Lube Oil Quantity Noise level Dimensions
(W x D x H)  
MPa m3/min cfm kW A kW L dB(A) mm kg
VS22AⅣ 0.4-0.85[0.7] 4.72-3.8 [4.22] 167-134 [149] 22 25 0.55 12 (13) 55 1,250×850×1,500 560
VS37AⅣ 7.6-6.3 [7.0] 268-222 [247] 37 40 1.1 19 (21) 58 1,550×950×1,600 720
VS55AⅣ 11.8-9.65 [10.6] 417-341 [374] 55 50 1.5 32 (40) 63 2,200×1,200×1,700 1,330
VS75AⅣ 15.1-12.9 [13.9] 533-456 [491] 75 50 3.0 32 (40) 65 2,200×1,200×1,700 1,400

Main motor:6 pole, Synchronous IPM motor, Oil cooled, Class H, Inverter drive, Electrical spec:380/415V, 50Hz
Constant pressure setting can be 0.85MPa at maximum.
( )for initial charge