Group Controller Model EM
Group Controller Model EM

Efficient utilization of multiple compressors and accessories with energy saving.



Your merits are;

  • Saving electricity consumption by optimizing the number of running compressor.
  • Minimizing pressure band compare with conventional cascade pressure setting.
  • Maximizing energy saving merit of variable speed compressor.
  • Equalizing compressor running hours.
  • Integrating auxiliary equipment control for further energy saving.


Group Controller Model EM

Enhanced operability with LCD touch operation monitor 

  • Operating conditions can be captured at a glance with 4.3 inch (for EM42) and 7 inch (for EM44/EM48) full color LCD monitor.
  • Easy-to-set via touch operation monitor for all the range.
  • Chart base display can be selected.
Enhanced operability with LCD touch operation monitor
Control model


Heavy electrical protection and control

  • Voltage dip protection (up to 0.5 sec), Black out auto restart (up to 15 min).
  • Easy-to-set via touch operation monitor for all the range.
  • Weekly timer (7 days preset operation).
  • Timer base advance switch over for running hour equalization standardly equipped.
  • Remote command for START and STOP standardly equipped.
  • Machine under trouble will be automatically skipped to maintain system operation.
Model EM 42 EM 44 EM 48
Max No. of compressor 2 4 8
Display 4.3 inch 7 inch 7 inch
Dimensions (mm) Width 500 600 700
Depth 200 200 200
Height 600 900 1,200
Control pressure 0~1.5MPa
Installation style Wall mount
Weight (kg) 30 50 70
Power supply AC 100V to 240V 50 / 60Hz 1Φ